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Some of my favorite projects and jobs have been designing logos. There is something amazing about creating a unique identity for a company, team, or even myself. Logos help capture a feeling and tell us a story visually. They can be a powerful digital tool for a business. Here are some of my logos I've designed.

Logos: Text

Goats Fire

I did this logo as personal project. The inspiration for it came from my grandfather, Gene Neumann. He has a farm with many animals including goats. The goats have always been a source of jokes and comedy in the family. In the future I would love to put this design on a t-shirt.

Design From Within

Design from within was a project I did in one of my Graphic Design classes. When I was coming up with the concept for this design I was thinking a lot about spirit animals.
I originally design it with the intent of being a lion, because it's a symbol of courage, patience and strength. However, during the critique classmates thought it depicted a heart, a wolf, and even an owl.
I liked the idea that people saw different things, like we all have a unique view within.

Indigenous Art Preserve

This was the logo I created for my BFA capstone. I created a hypothetical organization that specialized in preserving art from indigenous cultures around the world. I wanted to be respectful and professional, So I went with a type-based logo that would encompass all indigenous peoples. I had a lot of fun working on this logo even though it's simple because of the meaning behind it and what it stand for.

Logos: Services

Savvy Services

In my Senior Design class we had the opportunity to work for a real client and come up with a logo and branding for his new company. Savvy Services is a company that works in connection between tradesmen and clients. Overall, I didn't get picked as the winner but felt like I was successful in coming up with a unique, edgy, and modern take on the company.

Creative House

This was the first logo I did with a complete brand package as well. Each student came up with an idea for a company that would benefit the local community in some way.
My idea was Creative House, an open design studio for the public. It would be a place where anyone could come to learn about design or create whatever they wanted. Staffed by Art students from the university and working in partner with creative professionals in the community, it would be a perfect blend of creativity under one roof,

Wasatch Outerwear

Wasatch Outerwear was the first logo I did for a real client. A friend of mine contacted me, explaining he wanted to start an outdoor clothing brand. I was happy design this logo for him. He sent me his initial ideas in some rough sketches. I came up with quite a few different variations, playing with line weight and incorporating the mountain peaks. Eventually he picked this design.
It has been awesome to see the company grow and to be a part of that.

Logos: Services
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