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Marketing: SUU Softball 2020

Southern Utah University Athletic Department

My Process

All of the design work I did during my internship for the Athletic Department was template based. First I came up with a theme, picked the font, and cut out the athlete. Once I had all the pieces, the next step was developing a layout that would be flexible and easy to change for different events. My job was to create digital assets that other members of the team would then post on social media, online and around campus. Our main focus was giving the spotlight to our student athletes, then the name of the event and date/time.

Social Vert.png
Social Horiz.png

Concept & Theme

This year we decided to go more organic with the dust and smoke. I used a dust explosion Photoshop action applied to the player cut outs as the center element of the concept. The softball team motto this year was "On The Rise." I played off that by making the background like a thunderstorm and having the athlete bursting through. Overcoming opposition and rising to the challenge, was the look I was going for.

Lessons Learned

Throughout my time working with the Athletic Department, I learned valuable lessons. Not only about design but about working on a team and being reliable. Working under a deadline is always tough but it taught me how to manage my time and my work load. Ensuring that I could finish all my projects on time and with the highest quality possible. One of my favorite quotes is, "When the time for performance has come, the time for preparation is over." I have seen this multiple times, both for good and bad. Working hard and smart makes working so much more enjoyable. That's how I strive to work, always looking for the most efficient way to get things done.

June 27-July 2_Dallas.png
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