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2020 Senior BFA Exhibition

Artist Statement

Through this project I have worked to bring important indigenous cultures out of the shadows and highlight the meaningful art made by them. Growing up in Blanding, Utah which is surrounded by the Ute and Navajo Reservations and serving a volunteer church mission in New Zealand, where I was  introduced to the Maori culture and their artwork. I began to see the great need to preserve art and culture that is so vital to their identity. This is where my idea and concept for this project (name_of_project) came from. I wanted to bring awareness to the problem that these indigenous cultures face, which is that their artwork and culture are being forgotten and not passed onto future generations.  I hope you can enjoy this exhibit and it will inspire you to help preserve the future of indigenous art and culture around the world.

Password: BFA_dallin2020
BFA Exhibition: Text

Indigenous Art Preserve Logo

When I was sketching out ideas for this logo, I went through a variety of options. I was focused on representing these indigenous in a respectful manner as well as encompass them all. Some of my designs were to specific to certain cultures. So I decided to go with a more text based logo. This reflected a more professional view on the organization as a whole.

BFA Exhibition: Image
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